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How much does a lawn mower cost?

Today's market is overloaded with a wide range of brands from Stihl to Stiga all having different models in their arsenal, designed for use either domestically and commercially. This can cause a lot of confusion when it comes to deciding on the right machine for you.

  • What type of mower pedestrian or ride on?

  • Does it collect grass, does it mulch or does it drop the grass?

  • How much will it cost?

  • Battery or petrol?

At Countrywide Grass Machinery we listen to your requirements and help you to decide on the right mower for you! This is done by helping you understand the different types of machines available and how much this would cost, so you can make the right choice.

Most companies supply mowers for commercial and domestic users, prices for these mowers vary widely depending on it intend use ( landscape contractor or personal back garden). They may appear the same but have different functionality levels. Commercial machinery by its name will be used by landscape contractors, councils, football clubs, etc. This type of machinery is designed for heavy use on a daily basis 6-8 hours per day and tend to have stronger engines, wider decks and ultimately higher prices.

Residential lawn mowers, on the other hand, are for homeowners who generally use mowers once or twice a week during the growing season. Domestic mowers, ride on or pedestrian come in reduced specification with generally less features than their commercial counterparts.

Here are the answers to the question you should be asking yourself:

How big is your lawn?

Larger lawns require more mowing time for obvious reasons. For small gardens (less then an acre) we advise to go with pedestrian mowers as they are more maneuverable and easier to store away.For larger gardens with extensive lawn areas (more than an acre) a ride on mower would save time and effort.

What size mower should I choose?

A larger deck isn't always better, for smaller lawns a smaller deck on either a pedestrian or ride on mower allows for better maneuverability but for large expansive lawns a larger deck will allow the mower to cut a larger swath of grass in a single pass, allowing it to completed in less time. However larger mowers have longer blades which require a larger engine and are typically more expensive.

Most mowers have different sized decks which will in turn have different prices

How fast can I mow my lawn?

Some lawn mowers are designed to cut at a faster pace than others. The size of the engine greatly influences how fast it can move and how fast the blades can spin. It is important to have sharp blades and not push your mower by going too fast to get an even cut and avoid damage to the lawn.

Do I want to collect the grass or not?

A lot of machines today has an option for mulching the grass or collecting, both options has advantages and disadvantages. Mulching the grass is a lot more time efficient reducing mowing time compared to collecting and can give the same effect. This also stimulates the grass sward encouraging healthy grass growth (but if the grass is too long this method is ineffective and can make the lawn look messy leaving dead grass on top). Also the cuttings mulch into the grass sword adding thatch which can reduce drainage, light to the grass and can potentially damage your lawn over time if not managed correctly. On the other hand collecting the grass cuttings ensures for a clean and tidy look, but will take you longer to cut the grass compared to mulching and disposing of the cuttings can be hard to do.

Do I want battery or Petrol machines?

Petrol machinery are the normal go to mowers, but with recent innovations in battery technology battery equipment is getting more popular, more cost effective with less maintenance and no fuel costs, and are more environmentally friendly . This would be a good choice for a domestic customers but not powerful enough for commercial use (at the moment).

Larger DIY stores may not be able to advise their customers of the right machine to use, however an experienced garden equipment dealership will able to help you answer these questions by using their extensive knowledge of the domestic and commercial products available. Based on your requirements you could get a pedestrian mower starting from £200 for a basic machine, and up to £1000 for a professional grade mower. Ride- on mowers are more efficient for larger areas but cost more than their pedestrian counterparts, prices for domestic ride on mowers start from £1,200 and can go up to £11,000 depending on specification (which would include the engine, deck, or mower size).

Picking the right machine for your budget is a daunting task, but hopefully this helps investing in the right mower easier!

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