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We offer a wide range of Implements such as:

  • Intermac BS Side Arm Flail Mower

  • Dragone AB Flail Collector

  • Dragone L Series Flail Mower

  • EM2 Rotary Finishing Mower

  • SG Topper

  • Sovema TRIS Flail/Scarifier with collection

We are able to provide quotes on all of the above items to suit your specification and needs. To find out more please contact us directly.


Compact Tractors

BCS Group is a leading multinational company in the mechanisation sector. It designs and manufactures agricultural machinery for greens maintenance, machines for autonomous electrical energy production and for mobile welding. Some of the models we offer are:

  • Vivid 400

  • Invictus K600 AR

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FARMA is an Estonian lumber trailer brand that has been at market since 1992.​ Today it is the leading brand of timber trailers in Northern Europe and known as a full range supplier.​ FARMA offers machinery for the small forest owners through to professional timber harvesting companies and operators.

. Some of the models we offer are:

  • CT 3.8-6

  • CT 4,6-7 D

  • CT 4,6-7 Super

  • CT 5, 1-8

  • CT 6,3-10

  • CT 6,3-10 G2

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Log Splitters

For over fifty years the company Rosselli focuses on quality of its machines, for this reason, behind every product, there is a meticulous work of research, design and development.​ This quality also lies in the materials and equipment used during the entire productive process, carefully chosen and selected by our experts.


. Some of the models we offer are:

  • Iris Log Splitter

  • Eco 99

  • REX

  • Grizzly R Saw Bench

  • Grizzly M Saw Bench

  • Speedy 700 R

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Chippers and Shredders

Linddana has successfully designed, manufactured and sold its well-known brand of TP Wood Chippers since 1980, and today the company is a market leader.​ The Danish-owned company offers a strong selection of functional and reliable wood chippers for landscaping and biomass production.​ TP Wood Chippers are well-known for their extreme user-friendliness, robust design and high efficiency. They are designed to meet the strictest safety standards, to be eco-friendly and economical on fuel.


. Some of the models we offer are:

  • TP 100 Mobile

  • TP 175 Mobile

  • TP 215 Mobile

  • TP 175 Track

  • TP 130 PTO

  • TP 270 PTO K

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