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Our senior horticultural mechanics have an average of 25+ years industry experience. The company was founded to service & repair all Horticultural equipment. We have a fully equipped workshop including the latest blade sharpening and cylinder grinding equipment. We can provide on-site repairs if required.


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Servicing Details

We recommend servicing your machine at least once a year. Ideally, lawn mower maintenance should be carried out at the beginning of the season before it’s time for the first mow.

A standard service includes:
- Start up & test run
- Check battery
- External foam cleaning
- Inspection of all belts, pulleys, fuel lines, cutting spindles, bearings and housings
- Checking blade condition & sharpen or replace the blades as necessary
- Changing oil and filter (if fitted)
- Cleaning, or changing, air filter
- Changing spark plug(s)
- Checking full operation of machine & safety systems


Handtools from £50 + parts + VAT
Push behind lawnmowers: from £75 + parts + VAT
Ride-on lawnmowers: from £200 + parts + VAT

Cylinder lawnmowers: costs vary due to the complexity of this type of blade – get in touch or use the form below

Interim Servicing

Mid season, service check of your machine. This service helps to prevent expensive repairs and spot problem areas in advance. The interim service includes- Checking full operation of machine & safety systems- Checking/ top up oil- Cleaning air filter- Changing/sharpening blades

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Repair Information

We can repair everything from a Strimmer to 5 Gang Cylinder ride on mower. We can assist in the following ways:

It is important to do an inspection on any machine before we carry out any repair. This gives our trained mechanics an understanding of the real issue and he can accurately advise a solution. The inspection can show if the machine is beyond economical repair, or if the actual problem with the machine started somewhere else.


Repair rate £50 p/hour or £25 p/half an hour

Machinery inspection
£5 - Handtools
£8 - Push behind lawnmowers
£20 -Ride on mowers

After the inspection our mechanic will be able to provide you with customized quote for your repair

Collection and delivery service on request.

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Enquire about a Service or Repair.

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