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A 3000

A 3000

SKU: 2R9102028/UKS
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EAN/UPC 8008984857575  

Power source Lithium-ion battery  

Battery capacity 5 Ah  

Motor type Brushless  

Battery type Lithium-ions  

Battery Voltage 25.2 V  

Number of batteries 1  

Charging system Automatic  

Maximum working area 3000 m²  

Cutting method Organized  

Blade type (Robot) 6 Pivoting blades  

Cutting width 26 cm  

Cutting height range 20 - 65 mm  

Blade speed 2400 rpm  

Maximum cutting speed 24 m/m  

Rain sensors Yes  

Maximum slope 50%  

GPS Yes  

Smart APP Yes  

APP Control GPRS-4G  

User interface Keypad  

APP Lock Yes  

Obstacle detection sensors Yes  

Product weight 12.6 kg

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