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MT 500e

MT 500e

SKU: 278720008/ST3
Sales Tax Included

EAN/UPC 8008984855373  

Power source Lithium-ion battery  

Battery capacity 2 Ah  

Suggested battery capacity 2 Ah  

Motor type With brushes  

Power (hedger function) 350 W  

Power (pruner function) 350 W  

Voltage 48 V  

Hedger working time (+/- 20%) 40 min  

Pruner working time (+/- 20%) 15 min  

Cutting length 44 cm  

Blade length 46 cm  

Teeth distance 28 mm  

Bar length (inches) 10 in  

Chain type 3/8" .050" (91PX040E)  

Chain speed 5 m/s  

Chain oil pump Automatic  

Handle type Loop  

Shaft extension 65 cm  

Product weight (hedger version) 6.1 kg  

Product weight (pruner version) 5.6 kg  

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