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GT 500e

GT 500e

SKU: 278100008/ST3
Sales Tax Included

EAN/UPC 8008984854390  

Power source Lithium-ion battery  

Battery capacity 2 Ah  

Power 0.2 kW  

Motor type With brushes  

Voltage 48 V  

Working time (+/- 20%) 20 min  

Nylon line diameter (millimeter) 1,6  

Cutting width 30 cm  

Cutting angle Fixed + edge trimmer function  

Nylon head type Automatic dual line  

Handle type Loop Adjustable  

Shaft type Telescopic  

Shaft tube diameter 25.4 mm  

Harness No  

Battery charger Single standard  

Vibration level rear handle (m/s2) 2.65  

Vibration level front handle (m/s2) 2.65  

Product weight 3.05 kg

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