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Estate 384M

Estate 384M

SKU: 2T2000481/ST3
Sales Tax Included

EAN/UPC 8008984852198  

Power source Petrol  

Power 5.8 kW  

Displacement 352 cm³  

Engine rotation speed 2400 rpm  

Fuel tank capacity 6 l  

Maximum working area 3000 m²  

Cutting method Collecting  

Cutting width 84 cm  

Cutting height positions 7 positions  

Cutting height range 25 - 80 mm  

Blade engagement type Electric  

Transmission type Mechanical  

Transmission method Lever-operated  

Collector capacity 200 l  

Dashboard Yes with LED  

Headlights Conventional  

Cruise control No  

Washing link Yes  

Product weight 163 kg

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