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Multiclip 547 S

Multiclip 547 S

SKU: 298472048/ST2
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EAN/UPC 8008984851979  

Power source Petrol  

Power 1.9 kW  

Engine Brand STIGA  

Engine model ST 120 OHV Autochoke Powered by STIGA  

Displacement 123 cm³  

Engine rotation speed 2900 rpm  

Fuel tank capacity 0.75 l  

Engine Oil tank capacity 0.5 l  

Maximum working area 1500 m²  

Cutting method Mulching  

Cutting width 45 cm  

Deck material Steel  

Cutting height adjustment 3 levers  

Cutting height positions 5 positions  

Cutting height range 31 - 80 mm  

Driving Self-propelled  

Handlebar type Fulcrum + soft grip  

Wheels 180/180 mm grooved wheels on ball bearings with soft tread

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