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Bison Wandhalter Leather Wall Hangers (Set of 2)

Bison Wandhalter Leather Wall Hangers (Set of 2)

SKU: 42-01-010179
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When you invest in a great tool the thought of ‘how will I safely store it?’ might not come to mind. We’ve all come across tools mislaid, lost or simply put alongside other tools getting knocked or damaged. There really hasn’t been a safe, reliable and cool way to store them…

If you are a connoisseur of axes then the Bison Wandhalter Leather Wall Hangers are right up your street. With a sleek leather design, they can provide your tool with a well placed, safe storage solution creating a really cool wall mounted display in your garage, workshop and even the home.

Simply hang your axe with a pair of Bison leather wall hangers, made from the same iconic, high quality veg tan leather and metal hardware as the Bison sheaths. Guaranteed to secure your axe on display until your next axe adventure calls.

The Bison Wandhalter Leather Wall Hangers are also suitable for use with other items, for example, rifles, light weight tools and wall hangings.


  • Easy to use belt loop holster for insert and axe removal
  • Pair of 2 leather wall hangers per set
  • Multiple attachment holes makes this leather wall hanger versatile for holding various light weight tools


  • 1 hole inside top of leather to fix the strap to the wall with outer leather layer to hide the screw
  • High quality riveting
  • Robust 2.5mm thick leather
  • Maximum diameter: 12cm
  • 2x Wall screws included
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