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Collector 543e Kit

Collector 543e Kit

SKU: 2L0431008/ST2
Sales Tax Included

- New Fulcrum handlebar – set the height and angle as you cut

- Hybrid 60l grass catcher with sturdy plastic top and textile bag

- Integrated anti-scalp comb to ensure an even result on uneven ground

- 41cm steel cutting deck, adjustable to six different heights

- Powerful 1.3 kW brushless motor

- 1 x STIGA ePower48V E 440 (4Ah) battery and charger included


With a spacious 60l grass catcher, the Collector 543e Kit lawn mower delivers the capacity, efficiency, speed and power you’re looking for. Featuring our advanced ePower48V 4Ah battery, it gives you 400sqm of coverage – or 22 minutes of mowing time – in a single charge. And thanks to the ergonomically designed double handlebar, it perfectly fits the way you want to mow.

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