Intermac BS Side Arm Flail Mower

The BS Side Arm Flail Mowers are designed for commercial use by contractors for verge mowing and hedge cutting but are also suitable for private estate maintenance.​


  • Suitable for grass and hedge cutting on banks & verges and for general estate maintenance.

  • Designed for tractors up to 60 HP.

  • Models BS 72 and BS82 have a bi-directional cutting head and will cut either side of the tractor. The arm moves from side to side hydraulically.

  • Self contained hydraulic system driven from tractor PTO.

  • Rotor speed 3000 rpm

  • 4 lever control (3 lever on BS62) with the option of electric control.

  • Folds tightly behind tractor. Particularly useful when working in areas with restricted access such as canal towpaths.

Dragone AB Flail Collector

The Dragone AB series of Flail Mowers with collection are designed with heavy commercial use in mind. They will cut and collect grass, long or short, as well as brambles and light scrub.


  • Hydraulic low tip hopper

  • Heavy hammer cutting flails

  • Heavy duty rotor with internal bearings and spiral mounted flails

  • Multi belt transmission with cooling fan

  • Large diameter adjustable rear roller with enclosed greasable bearings

  • Low noise operation

Dragone L Series Flail Mower

A professional Flail Mower designed for use with Compact Tractors. The unique design of the knives leaves a quality finish equivalent to a rotary mower but also allows the machine to be used in rough grass and scrubland areas. Hydraulic side shift is a popular option as it allows operation close up to hedgerows and ditches.


  • Heavy duty gearbox with integral over-run clutch

  • Rear roller which is adjustable for height of cut

  • Side skids

  • LP160 has extra frame reinforcing

  • Standard "duckfoot" flails give a fine finish on grass but have sufficient weight to tackle heavier growth.

  • Hydraulic side shft and front mounted options

  • Rotor bearings are mounted inside the rotor tube for greater protection

  • Mulching bar integrated into hood

EM2 Rotary Finishing Mower

A three bladed rotary mower for use where a high quality finish is required


  • 3 point linkage mounted.

  • Requires 540rpm PTO drive.

  • 3 rotary blades.

  • Greasable blade spindle bearings

  • Power transmission via central gearbox and 2 vee belts.

  • 4 castor wheels (rear roller option).

  • Easily converted to front mounting.

  • Cutting height from 3cm to 10cm.

SG Topper

The TM topper is a heavy duty rotary topper designed for the maintenance of paddocks and rough grass areas. It is a low maintenance machine as there are no belts to tension or hubs to grease.


  • Ideal for paddocks

  • Suitable for grass and light scrub land

  • Reinforced frame

  • Heavy duty adjustable side skids in galvanised steel

  • Single gearbox driven rotor with swinging blades

  • Floating "A" frame to allow mower to follow ground contours

Sovema TRIS Flail/Scarifier with collection

The Sovema TRIS is a Flail Mower with integral collection hopper suitable for use on playing fields, sports pitches, golf courses and green areas around housing estates and industrial units.


  • Gives a clean finish on grass areas.

  • High suction guarantees collection of the cut grass even in wet conditions.

  • Very effective at collecting leaves.

  • Paddle type flails cut the grass cleanly and blow it directly into the large capacity hopper.

  • Hydraulic unloading of the hopper. TRIS L is the low tip version and dumps the cut grass directly onto the ground. TRIS H is the high tip version and can tip the grass into a skip or trailer with a 1.7m unloading height.

  • Rear roller with scraper controls the height of cut.

  • Twin belt drive.

  • Scarifying flail option.

  • TRIS H version has rear castor wheels with hydraulic operation up and down to ease the weight on the back of the tractor.