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 CT 6,3-10 


Our 10 ton trailer is based on the same design as our successful 9 ton trailer with the best handling thanks to the placement of the frame steering behind the railing. Our 10 ton trailer unlike the 9 ton trailer is equipped with 500-wheels, a more powerful bogie and wider railing and bank posts. The illustrated trailer is equipped with C 6.3 with an extension of 1.1 metres and a link system between the lift boom/outer boom for the best geometry of the crane's movement. The telescopic cylinder is positioned internally, fully protected against impact and scratches to the piston rod. Fully extended the loader can lift 480 kg excluding the grapple and rotator. A trailer that can be specially equipped for just your needs. The crane can easily be removed from the trailer for conversion in the tractor's three-point attachment.


For further information about the equipment of this trailer or the possibilities of adding extra, please see the headline "Equipment". Most trailers can be combined with other crane options then those mentioned here. See matrix under technical data for details.

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