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CT 5,1-8


The FARMA CT 5.1-8 lumber trailer is a real bestseller. The grapple loader is mounted on a detachable 3-point linkage with telescopic supporting beams. Reach 5.1 m, which increases to almost 5.9 m with the frame steering fully extended. In this position it can lift 490 kg excl. grapple and rotator. The loader is suitable for the addition of a winch.


The trailer is also available with the C 5.3 G2 crane. The difference between the cranes is not just the reach. The G2 C 5.3 crane gives you a completely new movement pattern. The C 5.3 G2 is a more modern crane, including a linkage system for optimum movement pattern and lifting power. Then it's your choice whether you go for a classic or one of the new Generation 2 cranes. That it's a model that suits a great number of active forest owners is shown by the number of trailers sold. Perhaps it would suit you too. You don't lightly abandon a true classic!


The FARMA CT 5.1-8 lumber trailer is equipped as standard with hydraulic support legs, 3 banks and equipped with 400/60 15.5 wheels. As you can see in the picture, the support legs are well protected in front of the railing while in the up position. 


For further information about the equipment of this trailer or the possibilities of adding extra, please see the headline “Equipment”. Most trailers can be combined with other crane options then those mentioned here. See matrix under technical data for details.

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