FARMA CT 3.8–6.jpg

 CT 3,8-6 


Our 6-ton lumber trailer with FARMA 3.8 m G2 crane. The T6 is a compact modern, lumber trailer with a strong G2 crane whose reach makes it easy to pick up timber behind and around the trailer. The model is intended as a "firewood trailer", for use during simpler forestry work. Various equipment options extend the areas of use.


The C 3,8 G2 is a modern crane with linkage system for optimal movement and lifting capacity.

The choice of materials and the crane's characteristics have rapidly made it a favourite among manufacturers of smaller forestry machines. The trailer in the picture is optionally equipped with extension bank, radio controlled winch and insert bucket assembled in the crane's grapple.

Radio controlled winch for the 3.8 m crane. Because the winch is screwed to the crane without any need for welding, it is easy to retrofit. Older cranes may need some welding work during installation. 


For further information about the equipment of this trailer or the possibilities of adding extra, please see the headline “Equipment”. Most trailers can be combined with other crane options then those mentioned here. See matrix under technical data for details.